Attached Or Unattached?

Brass Buddha

Hopefully most meditators will at least be aware of the Five Precepts and doing their best to refrain from killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, unwholesome speech and intoxication.  However, it is also recommended for lay practitioners to observe the Eight Precepts on Uposatha days or days when one is free from work or household commitments. Observing the Eight Precepts strictly for just one day is a great test of one’s attachment to material comforts…

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Revering The Buddha

Buddha (PJL 2013)
A traditional way of training oneself is to treat the Buddha-image as one would treat the Buddha himself.  Although modern western sceptics in particular may view this form of preparatory training with suspicion, maintaining a negative attitude is neither an advantage for one’s own meditation nor in agreement with the traditions of early Buddhism…


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