Mythology, Cosmology & Rituals In Early Buddhism

To see the Buddha “as he really is” we should explore some of the major episodes in his many lives and appreciate how Buddhist mythology, cosmology, and rituals, relate to one another. We’ll be less likely to view these doctrines as “popular Buddhism” – degeneration from reason (philosophy) to religion (mythology). Their truth isn’t a matter of historical/factual correctness – it’s a matter of the presence or absence of suffering when we internalise the message and strive to live up to it.

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Revering The Buddha

Buddha (PJL 2013)
A traditional way of training oneself is to treat the Buddha-image as one would treat the Buddha himself.  Although modern western sceptics in particular may view this form of preparatory training with suspicion, maintaining a negative attitude is neither an advantage for one’s own meditation nor in agreement with the traditions of early Buddhism…


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