Kamma, Death, Rebirth

Many people attracted to the Buddha’s teachings on impermanence and suffering nevertheless have a problem with his teachings on kamma and rebirth and are quick to reject them as outmoded metaphysical ideas, either cultural baggage or interpellations intended to placate his less-sophisticated followers. ┬áHere I attempt to show that such doubts are based on misunderstandings and that kamma and rebirth are in fact verifiable through meditation…


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What Is Buddhism?

Dharma Wheel (Image source - www.freewebs.com)Buddhism is a religion of self-help.┬áThe teachings traditionally ascribed to Siddhattha Gotama, the “historical Buddha”, are concerned primarily with ending existential angst and attaining liberation from the endless and painful cycle of death and rebirth. The Buddha claimed to have attained liberation by his own efforts and was able therefore to point the way for others to do the same…

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