Maha-mangala Sutta: Blessings (Sn 2.4)

Tibetan Buddha
In the Maha-mangala Sutta, the Buddha describes the ‘greatest blessings’ in life and how to attain them. According to the Buddha, there are 38 ‘greatest blessings’ – not the shallow and changeable blessings of luck and fortune but blessings which are of genuine and lasting importance. By making the effort to obtain these blessings, we can create our own good fortune and move gradually closer to the supreme blessing of Nibbana. This is the main purpose and objective of the Mangala Sutta…

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What Is Buddhism?

In this post I describe ‘Buddhism’ as a religion of self-help. The teachings traditionally ascribed to Siddhattha Gotama, the historical Buddha, are concerned primarily with ending existential angst and attaining liberation from the endless and painful cycle of death and rebirth. The Buddha claimed not to be a God or a saviour, just a man who had attained liberation by his own efforts and was able therefore to point the way for us to do the same…


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